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Overture Global Yearly Subscription + Swell Water Bottle

Overture’s launch issue contains 70+ articles written by more than 60 international contributors across 136 pages. Among others, stories include a DIY refugee network built with mobile phones and radio; the coming end of currency; Facebook’s expanded blood drives; the new era of “clean meat”; IBM’s science for social good; drilling for magma energy in Iceland; how S’well is stepping up to help address the global water crisis; the true legacy of plastic waste; tech solutions for water and food security issues in South Asia; and the cover story, a model for how we can conceive, design, and build artificial intelligence focused on improving the lives of every global


About S'well

Overture has partnered with S'well to make sure you quench your thirst as you flip through our pages.

A 17oz eco-friendly reusable bottle
Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12