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Overture brings together leaders in technology and innovation with leaders in the humanitarian, NGO, and development spaces to discuss how we can use technology to alleviate some of the biggest problems plaguing humankind. Overture members include the World Bank, International Rescue Committee, US State Department, British State Department, Johnson & Johnson, Spotify, S’well, and many others. And we’ll be onboarding additional Fortune 100 companies throughout 2018.

Overture presents live events in New York, London, and Berlin, covering topics like STEM+HD, water supply, food and nutrition, and more. Past events featured speakers such as Valerie Jarrett (former Special Advisor to President Obama) and Jen Crozier (President, IBM Foundation and Vice President, IBM Corporate Citizenship).

Our newest venture will be Overture Magazine, launching quarterly in summer 2018. This prestige-format print-only publication will include feature stories and news from around the world on the intersection of innovation and human development. Our broad editorial focus will cover subjects like refugee issues, water and food supply, infrastructure, machine intelligence, sustainability, medicine, climate change, social entertainment, and much more.

We focus on stories of positive, material change, as well as the people who serve as agents of these changes. Our writers, subjects, and audience are critically and passionately engaged, with a strong belief that substantial improvement in life on Earth is an achievable and worthwhile goal for everyone on the planet.

We avoid hype, but we are not allergic to enthusiasm. We are as intrigued by promising research and novel ways of thinking as we are by field tests and concrete results. We will be honest and transparent about real potential and paths to success we perceive as most fruitful and practical. We will not shy away from difficult, complex, and technical subjects if we feel they are worth the time and attention of our audience.

Overture’s perspective is both international and local, personal and social. Simply put, our goal is to encourage innovation to advance the cause of human good.